Houston Law Firm

Opened in 1990, the Lanier Law Firm’s Houston law firm houses more than 20 attorneys.

Experienced Houston attorneys

Our attorneys have significant experience representing clients in a range of practice areas including personal injury, toxic exposures, product liability, pharmaceutical liability, maritime law, commercial litigation and medical negligence with the passion and commitment that are characteristic. .

Our team of trial and appellate lawyers have earned substantial verdicts and secured agreements for a broad spectrum of clients in a variety of legal matters. The firm is also known for representing some of the largest companies in the United States. A Fortune 500 company selected Lanier law firm to help overturn one of the largest default judgments in US history. In another case, our lawyers helped secure a substantive verdict against one of the nation’s largest oil suppliers.

The Lanier Law Firm has won numerous trials on behalf of families and victims of asbestos-related diseases, including mesothelioma. In another historic victory, law firm founder Mark Lanier was the lead attorney for a group of steel workers who achieved one of the largest asbestos verdicts in U.S. history after contracting asbestos disease in an Alabama steel mill. (Aaron, et al. Versus Abex, et al., February 1998.)

Our work in court regarding asbestos and other toxic exposures and personal injury has resulted in settlements on behalf of numerous other clients who have been able to avoid the stress of going to court at a time when they needed to be with. families and friends, not in a courtroom.

The headquarters of the founding office of the Lanier Law Firm, Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth largest in the United States. With more than 2 million residents, it is the largest cultural and economic center in the Gulf Coast region and Texas is world famous for its energy and aviation industries and its naval channel, the Port of Houston. Houston is second only to New York City when it comes to Fortune 500 locations.

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